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Subtitling for DVD

Subtitling for DVD :

As seen above, people who are deaf from birth, people who have become deaf, the hard-of-hearing, and hearing foreigners do not perceive a film in the same way. While, for technical reasons, only a single subtitled version of a film can be screened at a cinema, DVD offer multiple options.

Cinécriture is currently working on a project for a DVD collection that will offer several types of subtitling. The idea is to enable viewers of the same film to choose the subtitles best suited to their personal needs. For example, some viewers will want to read all the dialogues, while others will prefer a more concise version that is easier to read, and hearing viewers who do not have a strong command of the language will not need captions for sound effects.

A project of this kind takes time to prepare, because it requires numerous preliminary studies – of audience expectations, technical requirements and costs – and canvassing prospective partners.

As part of the project, a questionnaire was sent out to associations in 2005. We would be grateful if you could take the time to fill out a new Subtitling Questionnaire online, to give us more detailed information about your requirements and expectations.