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Professionals of the broadcasting world, you can obtain an estimate henceforth. So don’t hesitate to ask for your online estimate.


DVD collection (10.19.2006)

Cinécriture is currently working on a project for a DVD collection that will offer several types of subtitling. The idea is to enable viewers of the same film to choose the subtitles best suited to their personal needs. Reed Subtitling for DVD As part of the project, a questionnaire was sent out to associations in 2005. We would be grateful (read more)

Michel Vaillant (10.10.2003)

In 2003, Cinécriture, together with partners LTC and DTS, adapted two newly released feature movies for members of the French public suffering from hearing deficiencies. "Michel Vaillant" was shown in Beauvais and "The Lord of the Rings - Return of the King" was shown both at the Cinespace in Beauvais and at the Abel Gance in Courbevoie, in (read more)